Monday, August 13, 2012

BFF4L Time!

As you can imagine, living in a time zone that is six hours ahead of my best friend kind of cramps our style, so she was due for a visit!

The ladies in her family took a girls trip to Europe, so Sarah (aka SP) took some time out in the middle of the trip to stay with us for an extended weekend.

Let the good times roll...

Day one, we met Sarah at the airport in Roma, checked her luggage in at the train station and we were off to take on the city!

The coliseum and some legitimate Roman soliders. Completely legit.

What year is it again?


A group shot- Our friend Miguel would be moving in a few weeks so he joined us as a farewell to Roma.

No idea when or why this was taken but I love the confusion... All our trips aren't as smooth as the pics make them seem... But you know this if you've travelled with us (and not vicariously, hah...).

Cake Topper. Well, that's what it's often refereed to. It's really the Victor Emmanuel's memorial... Yeah, we'll stick to cake topper.

Alas, the Trevi Fountain and all it's gorgeousness.

More confusion... Love it.

An attempt at a self group shot at the fountain. At least all the people are there.

Sarah and I ensuring our visit back to Roma.

What's a trip with Miguel without some planking?

Pantheon. Love this structure. So old yet so sturdy.

Oh, these boys...

Spanish Steps.

And finally, Vatican!

Normally you are not allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel so, naturally, we had to sneak one...

Tell an American not to do something and see what happens...
... just after our success (after about three failed attempts), we looked around to she flashes and cameras all over the place. Apparently these security guards were not getting paid enough today...

Judgement Day
 So we took full advantage!

We are in the Sistine Chapel. Promise.

Photo Bomber James...

I couldn't help myself... This was like the third picture of his that I jumped in. 

Seriously, it's the guard fault - if they wouldn't have let us take pictures that day I wouldn't have photo bombed... hah!

I had to go with the classic Asian tourist peace sign...

 Later that night, when we got back to Naples, we took Sarah out for some fine Neapolitan pizza.

It never disappoints!
What's BFF4L time without sugar overload? It's what we're good at...

Really, Sarah couldn't pass up the deals. Love those commissary prices.

Day two we took Sarah down the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

 It too never disappoints...

Then we stopped in Positano for lunch.

James' fave antipasti - Prociutto e melone.
 Sarah taking it all in...
People do it to wine, so why not...

 While digesting we took a quick stroll through the town. The cutest town.

Finally were were sent off by a rainbow.

As if it wasn't picturesque enough without a rainbow.
Day three - 4L day!

We took a day trip to one of my favorite cities, Florence!

4Ls in front of the Duomo.

Duomo Dome

Sidewalk art. Always awesome.

Enjoying the beauty that is Ponte Vecchio
And then she was off again to explore more of Europe *tear.*

Wish you (and SP) were here (again)!


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  1. SP & I are here...well not technically together right now but... wish you were here!