Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home again and Carnivale.

Where has the time gone?!

As the count down to leaving Italy begins (10 months!!!), I realized that I haven't blogged in about eight months!!!

So, here's what you missed in February:

I was paid to go home for two weeks!
Oh wait, no... I went TAD for training for my new job which happen to be in Virginia for two weeks.
Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

So, lots of family time, which I am so thankful for!

I got to attend my nephew Ethan's 4th birthday party!

Presents and cousins. Awe. So happy.

Hugh Laurie and Starbucks for my commute.

Reunited with the little wild one in his little Napoli jog suit we bought him for his first birthday.
So cute!

He's quite the little Frowner! Love him!

Little helpers helping the big helper...

Aka my sister is in the process of moving, I was helping, the kids were playing with the vaccum.
And I loved every minute!

Dishwashing. Starting him young.

Church in transition.
This was the first service at Damascus High School. I was glad to be a part!

Baby Forbes and all his sweetness!

Wyatt just keeps getting bigger and cuter!
Make it stop!
The growing- not the cuteness...

More family time before I had to leave.

And Ethan was being Ethan!

Once settled back in, My Love and I were off to Carnivale in Venice!

Riding the Ferry to the islands of Venice! Too thrilled.
Oh the excitement!

Our room.

The view.

The skylight.

The main island.


The masks.

More masks.

The water!

The cute shops on the water!

The romantic Gondolas.

The sunset.

The costumes!

Oh the costumes.

The water taxi

The glass blower.

The glass!

The glass museum. Awesomeness.

No pictures allowed. What?

The creativity.

The Fun!

Venice is the coolest city I have ever been too, and so romantic. While I wouldn't recommend going for Carnivale, if you're on a limited schedule anyway, because it was super crowded!

As always...

Wish you were here!


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