Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh, just a weekend trip to Milano...

Happy MLK Day!

And hello "96!"

We originally wanted to get out of Italy and maybe work on our Spanish, but we kind of waited last minute on buying our plane tickets and we did not like the prices, so we made a more reasonable trip to Milano!

And besides, we couldn't leave Italy without at least dropping in at some point!


Since the main site to see is the Cathedral, that was our first stop!

Duomo di Milano
People were buying seeds and holding our their hands to let the pigeons land on them.

You would have to pay me to hold pigeons.
The very detailed doors.
I'm sure there is significance, but I don't know enough to explain...

Duomo di Milano doors
Inside the Duomo there was a statue of Bartholomew the Apostle (aka Nathaniel).

He is believed to have been skinned alive. This statue depicts that as he is holding his skin. You can see his head on his back (below) and his feet dangling by his hand (above).

Creepily intriguing...
Next we climbed to the top.

Crazy cool architecture!

I liked the marble flower.
After leaving the Duomo we went just next door to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

This Galleria looks identical to the one in Naples, except in this one you can spin on the mosaic bull on the ground for good luck!

After a little shopping we returned the see the Duomo at night:


We had tickets to see DiVinci's The Last Supper. It was so gorgeous and probably our favorite part of the trip. Unfortunately they only give you 15 minutes to awe and then they move you along.

As we've come to expect of all cool thing- no pictures are allowed. So naturally...

 Bam! Well worth it.

Next we ran off to the train station and were LAKE COMO bound for the day.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!

It was a pretty chilly day so we warmed up with some delicious and thick Italian hot chocolate!

Then we walked around and explored for a bit.
Frame worthy?

And finally, lunch at a little cafe just off the water.

The view behind James was really pretty but the camera wouldn't let me capture it!

James being a toot:
But he made it up to me!

James was impressed by the ducks in the freezing water:

This in only one of the many pictures we have of the ducks...

After a few hours at Lake Como we hopped on the train and headed back to Milan for some more walking around.

That evening we decided to shop a little. We walked down Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga- Milan's version of Rodeo Drive (simply to window shop of course) and then at the end came arcross stores like Gap and Banana Republic! We had no idea stores like that were in Italy. So we shopped a little more! And finally I had to check out La Rinascente, a designer mall. It was a mall with only designer names. Floor after floor of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino, a Tiffany's, etc, etc, etc! Needless to say we walked out with the same bags we walked in with...

As usually, with all that shopping and walking we worked up an appetite.

Not to sound spoiled, but we were getting a little tired of Italian good so we googled a Mexican restaurant near the train station.

Dinner at Piedra Del Sol:

Clearly it did not disappoint!

Burrito anyone?!?


We heard there was a castle, but what we didn't realize is that it was one street away from the metro stop we had to change metros at on a regular basis. We found that pretty humorous.

One final stop by the Duomo...

And one last delicious Nutella covered waffle-snack-thing...

I kind of want one right now...

Arrivederchi Milano!

Beautiful Sunset on the plane
...why am I always by a wing!

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