Sunday, October 21, 2012

I AMsterdam

James was due for his TAD to Germany, so naturally, we planned a trip to go with it... Actually, his Doc planned the trip, we just booked the hotels. Same thing.

Our first meal:

chicken Pancakes
We were unsure about meat on pancakes, but the pancake was not like what you think of in the states - definitely not as sweet. Delicious!

Amsterdam is very big on street performers:

Recorder Player. Classic.
Beautiful buildings  
Local Museum
Beautiful view on the water
 My mom would never come out of here:
Year round Christmas shop

 They sold fries everywhere. I loved it. I love fries!
Fries with cheese. Yes please!

Yummy fries. Pretty city.
 It just wouldn't be right if I  didn't take a pic with these too cool Dutch shoes.

I just thought it was cool...
 More street entertainment.
Flame throwing unicyclist. 
Oh jeez...
 Right outside of the Red light district there is a this church. In front of this church there is a memorial to the sex worker.... yeah...

 Kind of weird that I took this picture but I thought it was cool. It's a urinal:
Potty anyone?

Swans were all over the water here.

Pot museum.

Beautiful Train Station.
 Outside of the train station there is a parking garage specifically for bikes! There had to be tens of thousands of bikes!
Bicycle Parking garage.
 We visited the Frank's house. It was really neat and really sad to visit.
Frank House.

More beauty that is Amsterdam.
 Back in the day people who lived on the water had to pay by the size of the front of their home. I guess this person didn't want to pay a lot to live on the water. Cute!
Thinnest house.
 "Coffee Shop"
Where you can buy more than just coffee...
 We visited a popular museum:
Admiring what could be the greatest doll house ever!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

Art on a guitar. Awesome.
In Amsterdam you can always find dope deals. Ha... Ha... Ha...

And that wraps up our quick side trip to Amsterdam.

Wish you were here!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Land of the Scots

The highly anticipated trip has finally arrived.

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND.

Day One:

We couldn't quite understand the attendant checking us in, but apparently we were bumped up to business class.
Breakfast on a two hour flight? Yes please!

The blind was broken. Handyman James to the rescue!
For our first meal in Scotland I decided to try this new fancy drink. Elderberry sparking juice. It was great! Especially with my burger and fries. Oh yes. Burger and fries.

Now that's a sand box!

T. flew in later that night.

Day two was spent exploring the city.
The Queen's getaway Palace.

Kisses in the Gardens!

You can't make me leave!
View of the Castle from below in the city.
The view from the castle was awesome...

And windy...

Those silly Keaton's...
At the top of the castle there was a mini Chapel where small weddings are still held.
Where's T?
Gorgeous view. Gorgeous Man.

Look T, a cannon...

Caught! I think she likes Whisky...

Looks like a royal's crown...

Scottish talk...

Olympic rings. Lemon Fanta.

Hoodie Suit. Classy.

That's one thrilled T...

I look too happy to be on the hop on hop off bus...
After the palace and the castle we were off to the Britanna, the Royal's retired yacht.  
One of us looks comfortable...


One of the many dinner rooms. And James.

Old family photo. Awe.

For special dining. Sweeeet.

Lounge area.

Barracks for the workers.

T's Laundry Services...

Steamer in training. I need one of these...

Showering area for the workers.
Royal speed boat. And Tiny T.
And finally, Day 3, the Tough Mudder!

In case you don't know, the TM is "the toughest even on the plant." And I'm guessing the muddiest.

"Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie."

And now you know.

Leopard print love.



Trail running buddies taking on Scotland...

The Arctic Enema.
This is the obstacle I was most worried about. A tank of ice water  (literally filled with ice) and you have to walk/swim through it. You had go under a wall, so there was no keeping anything dry. Or warm. Crazy. I literally lost my breath. Did I mention it was crazy?!...

The team...

So excited.

On your mark...

We all had to say the pledge...

After the first obstacle and in line for the Arctic Enema... Still excited!

Some action shots:

It was an awesome experience and I wou... WILL do it again!

Til next time...

Wish you were here!