Saturday, December 11, 2010

Italian Life Continues...

So, I think I'm getting kind of used to living here, because I forget that I randomly do some note worthy things... so, sorry that I continually fall behind, but here we go again...

I took a one-day cooking class offered through the base, at a local restaurant (forgot the name, I do apologize...), where we learned how to make an authentic Italian meal (Macaroni Grill who?);

Some kind of parm and broccoli pasta with pork (and no, there is no pesto despite the green look) and on the side- grilled eggplant and zucchini, and my favorite- bruschetta!
I don't remember the actual name of the main dish, but I do have the recipe! The chef spoke only in Italian, so we had an interpreter- though I'm pretty sure he knew English because he laughed at some of the comments people were making!

Later that week we were informed that if you want something here, just buy it. You can always take it back, but if you decide to sleep on it, it might not be there when you return to buy it, and then you have to wait possibly months before it's restocked. So with that, we decided to see if the NEX had the MAC we were going to buy for ourselves for Christmas... they did! And only one, so we took the advice we just received and had an early Christmas purchase!

Of course, we're not going to open it up and use it until Christmas... oh wait, no- we were definitely like little kids without parents that night ;-p

At the cooking class, I spend a lot of time talking to a fellow Navy wife and her visiting parents, and they invited me out for pizza with them at a later date. The pizzeria on the agenda was the place Julia Roberts ate at in her recent film Eat, Pray, Love...

The pizza maker-

I will return as often as possible and anyone who visits me can expect that to be on the itinerary :-)

I prayed, ate and loved that pizza!!! It's the best I've had in Italy yet!

My Julia Roberts pose...

Oh, and a guy (who worked there) decided to make me take a pic with him... thanks?

Hm... I kind of want it right now...

Speaking of food- Thanksgiving was great! A wonderful spread- compliments of our good friends the Fields! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of all the food... nor all the tons of leftovers, however, I did capture a few moments of the fun!

We played the board game "Quelf." I didn't win, but I was definitely a good sport, as this me doing ballet for a minute... with my ninja headband/belt on... watch out! Oh yes, and Keda with her lovely helmet! Yeah, I know, we look a little SpEd here, but hey, it was fun! Oh, and there's a little glimpse at all the food in the background! Well, the containers and foil anyway...

Next on the menu - The Royal Palace at Casserta (or Palazzo Reale di Caserta).

It was modeled after the Palace of Versailles (you can refer to my Paris blog;, as Charles wanted it to be bigger and better than his rival ancestors in Versailles. Its's a beautiful place, and he may have succeeded in the bigger and better-ness but, the French know how to preserve and keep much better than the Italians... just saying. Although, it was very nice not to have to fight the crowds of Versailles!!!

Everything was marble, but what really got me was the patterns and different marbles used- especially for the floors!

Not gonna lie, I thought about stealing this birdcage/clock... how awesome?!?!

Can I get this tub installed in my apartment?

Gorgeous table!

Italians are very family oriented... thus explaining why they were the first to include everyone in their nativity scenes!

Nothing like an Italian crowd!
Unfortunately, we didn't dress weather appropriate, so we're saving the gardens for a warmer day!

Can't wait!

*Side note: This castle was used in Star wars and Angels and Demons
Oooh, Ahhh

I also couldn't wait to part with the "Mo."

I didn't greet the Mo, I mean James, with a razor that day- just some hair bleach (which only brought out the red)! What was the point of having it if you can't have fun with it! Then I kissed that thing goodbye!

Next stop... Christmas!