Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chocolate, Waffles... and chocolate waffles!

For the second half of James' TAD weekend we went to Bruges, BELGIUM! Bruges is a cute city with lots of history nearby, and lots of yummy foods and chocolate!

Pretty sure this was my first real black swan experience. Pretty cool.

Let the WWI tour begin!

Bullet from WWI. They are still found at random in the fields there. Crazy!

WWI remnants.

WWI memorial and cemetery. Soldiers from all different countries are buried here...

Local WWI museum:

WWI bunker:

Belgium chocolates!!!

Local cathedral:

Our chocolates! Yum!

The final stop on our tour - Replica WWI trenches.

My first currants experience! So delicious!

Our choice for dinner:

Belgium Lemonade anyone?

The next day we explored the cute little city of Bruges!

My favorite European sweet!

Belgium chocolate break!

Enjoying more of Bruges:

Michelangelo's only piece outside of Italy:

Kasper/Kaspar... Just another name here...

So many Swans!!!

Cute chocolates!

Alas! A Belgian Waffle!


Wish you were here!