Saturday, January 7, 2012

Buon Anno!

Naples for New Years Eve is like nothing we've ever seen before.

 Yep. Those are ALL fireworks!

For every holiday (and in some cases just a random day) there are fireworks set off in different cities. We always hear them from the base, sometimes closer and sometimes further away, sometimes early and sometimes way late at night! But one this is certain - we're no longer surprised to hear fireworks on any given day.

Their biggest fireworks show is New Years Eve. While I love watching the fireworks with the president on 4th of July, DC has nothing on this show. Ok, so maybe not WITH the president, but in his current city of residence...

Last year we brought in the New Year at a friends house with dinner and some games. It was a blast- and to many people's surprise, we didn't hear the fireworks going off. However, for the next few days I kept hearing about how there is a 360 of fireworks, so this year James and I were determined to experience for ourselves! Especially since he was on-call for the hospital, so we couldn't be very far from the base for the whole weekend.

The other base has a five floor garage, and we heard from up there you can see really far and see tons of fireworks, so that's where we decided to bring in the New Year.

It was no Joke.

The pictures aren't very clear but all the lights, big and small, are fireworks:

We weren't really close to any of them, so they were all pretty small and far- 
BUT they were everywhere you looked!

It was definitely worth while!

The majority of the fireworks started to die down after about 20 minutes, but we heard them from home until we went to bed about an hour and a half later!

Happy New Year!

We forgot the sparkling juice in the car but we still wanted some.