Saturday, September 22, 2012

This One's For Africa...

James and his Doctor go TAD to Spain a few times a year. His Dr and wife are only here for two years, so she always joins them on their TADs and they make the most of their time by visiting other nearby cities or countries- and most times they invite us to join. We always go when we can, and this time we were off to MOROCCO!

I didn't know much about Morocco, and well I still don't really, but it was a great experience and different from what I expected of my first trip to Africa.

View of the city of Tangier

The group on our tour. the city is in the background but the sun has faded it out...

The other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

The most important thing on James list for Morocco was to ride a camel, so we jumped at our first opportunity. I think it was  like $3 to ride. So cheap!

All Aboard...

Hellooo up there...
I didn't ride because I wasn't dressed for the occasion.
While it would have been fun, I rode a camel years ago when CLC hosted a community day so I didn't mind missing out this time.
I just wanted to pet her and she yelled at me. Bully.

No worries, I forced her to be my friend.

And he's off...

James' unforgettable new buddy.

Yelling again. Ok ok, I'll take the hint...

Yelling at James - Like mother like daughter?

James wasn't having it...
Off to Grottes d'Hercules (Cave of Hercules) where it is believed that Hercules slept before attempting one of his twelve labours.     

View of the city outside of the cave.

The waves would crash up- and the people were just chillin....


Fancy House. I think it was some government official's home.
Time for food.

James and I love to experience local dishes.
Morocco was one of our favorites for food.
And each meal just seemed to get better!

Petit salad
For the Petit salad they bring out several different items and we all share. It was kind of a tease - but a worth while one!

Some orangey and chocolate deliciousness dessert!
Happy girl!

On the next day's tour we stopped by a rich man's house and we were able to check out some fancy cars. I know that description wasn't detailed, but I cannot remember the significance so just enjoy the cars...

I'll take this one...

More typical Moroccan food. Yay!

Another reason we loved eating out was because there was always live music!

Yummy Soup!

Another delicious salad for the table to share.

I'm with the band...

Main course - couscous, veggies and meat!

Tea time!

Enjoying the cute city.

More coastal pics. You can see the port and Espana behind us.

HUGE tree!

More yummy food.

Can't get enough tea!

Goodbye lovely Morocco!

Another country AND continent- check!

Til Next Time...


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