Saturday, March 2, 2013

All things Gaudi!

Ok, so this is going to be a quick Barcelona trip in review. I just realized I uploaded these pics but never posted! <Gasp>

Once we realized we had six months left living abroad, we went put travel in hyper mode. This was the trip that kicked it off.

Christmas in Barcelona, Spain 2012

Gaudi was an architechtural genius in Barcelona, here is his first work: 

Those are chimneys on the top! Creative.

I loved the entryway
The owners initials are above the doorway and in the center Gaudi
incorporated the Catalonian flag and bird.

Starbucks stop!

A little area with shops - above are streetlamps
designed by Gaudi.

Another building by Gaudi.

And another... people made fun of this one and said it looked like a parking garage.

I give you the Sagrada Familia
(Cathedral designed by Gaudi)
131 years in the making...

"Jesus at the center of it all"

The back was not of Gaudi's design...

I thought this was really cool - they had kids acting out Bible stories in the mall:

Buble tea time!

What's a trip to Spain without Churros?!

CAn't get enough candy!

Drinking the Bubble tea bubbles...

On Las Ramblas

Heading up and up and up to Park Guell designed by Gaudi:

Finally at the top!


Enjoyed Park Guell

This was kind of cool (and random) - a huge decorative ornament with a nativity on the inside:

Our Hostel provided us with a Gift for Christmas! 
Sweet Spaniards :-D

Well, now that I'm back in the states - shall I say "Wish I was there" ???

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