Friday, March 15, 2013

American London

This might be really bad of us, but there is a good chance we turned London into our America-not-in-America. When you have been away for so long, there are things you miss- to name a few (if I can contain myself to a few...) free tap water at restaurants (and with a lemon wedge!), drink refills, sale racks, CHIPOTLE- which is where I will stop with the things I miss and start with London! 

After dropping off our luggage, we went immediately to (Starbucks to use free wifi to find) Chipotle! London is the only country in Europe with Chipotle, so naturally, it was a priority.
(American London #1 Starbucks, #2 Chipotle)

Once that was out of the way we headed over to hang out with the Royals.

Buckingham Palace
While roaming with no set plans (gotta love those days), we wandered into the M&M store.
Robin Hood. Sherlock Holmes.
A few free Purple M&M tastings later, we walked around the corner and found a big NFL block party. We picked this time period to go to London because of the annual NFL game at Wembley Stadium.  This year it was the Patriots V. Rams and it would be my first NFL game.

Apparently we found the party!

Party at Trafalger Square

Oh hey Stevie...

I stalked him a little...

 (American London #3 NFL)

Then we were ready for a little snack...

Now, I love Neapolitan pizza, but there is just something about that Pizza Hut that I can't resist!
Walk-thru Pizza Hut. I'm ok with this...
(American London #4 Pizza Hut)
Once we were fueled up, we were off to see all the touristy things...

Big Ben

The Underground

The Eye

I had to take a pic here:

My sister took a pic here when she came, then I took one when I went alone, and now it was our turn. It's like a little family tradition.
Buckingham Palace was the first real Palace I had ever seen. So while it's not as grand as some I have seen now, it has a special place in my heart. That and I'm kind of infatuated with the whole Royal family...
More Buckingham time.
Times Squa... I mean

My Superman...
We took a walking tour, and one of the stops on the way was this old fashioned Gentleman's Club. I don't remember the price but it was pretty much up there with a college tuition to join this club, and three members of the club have to approve before you're even considered. Rich people...
... I didn't know non-scandelous ones exsisted.

St james Palace.
Game time!
Finally at Whembley.

The next day we took a day trip to Stone henge, because you cannot visit London twice and not see this wonder:

To end the night, we took the popular Grimm Reaper tour. On the tour we stopped by different castles and neighborhood and learned about all the death that fills the history of London - including Jack the Ripper.
Naturally, it was at night:

Coming up from the Underground
On our last day, we decided to do a London review. We took a quick run around the city as we were still training to run the Athens Marathon. Training doesn't end of vacation friends...
We meet again Buckingham. It's getting creepy...

The official Princess Diana of Wales Memorial walk.

This arch says to me that we're just a park away from our hotel!
After we were cleaned up, we still had a little time to waste, so I simply couldn't allow James to leave London without experiences the ridiculousness that is Harrod's:

Then we picked up the only affordable non-fast food meal - Sandwiches. Accompanied by Mangoes and sparkling elderberry/green grape juice.

Goodbye for now Americ... uh, er, London...
 (Only four American London moments. Not as bad as I thought...)

As always,
Wish you were here!

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