Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Getaway

I was getting antsy and in need of a getaway, so we planned a quick weekend trip with the Rivera's, and we were off to Umbria!

Umbria is a region much like Tuscany (in my opinion) with all its hill towns and we heard great things, so we thought, why not make a weekend trip out of it.

The first stop in our two night Umbria adventure was Orvieto!

It was about a five hour drive from where we live, it's a city on top of a hill, and it's known for it's cathedral, Classico wine and ceramics.
Long hallways under the city - working our way to the top!
Cool Armour...

Enjoying the views around the wall

Really cool well

There was one way down and another way up, so once you started you had to go all the way down and then work your way back up, there was no changing your mind once you got started....

Bridge on the bottom.

Orvieto Duomo
I am often impressed by the fancy cathedrals, and this one did not disappoint! My favorite thing about the buildings is all the detail when they show the Bible stories. This wall is possibly one of my favorite pieces of all the cathedrals I have seen (and I've seen more than my share!).
It is a bunch of stories from the Old Testament.

God borrowing a rib from Adam
Eve sharing the forbidden fruit.

Cain killing Abel
Love it!

That was all for the cute little city of Orvieto. The next day we went to the nearby city of Civita (Di Bagnoreggio). Previously there was only a Donkey Bridge that crossed from the neighboring city to this one, but it was bombed in WWII and replaced in 1966 by a foot bridge. The bridge is the only way in and out of the city.
Admiring the city from afar.

About to cross the bridge.

This city had a ridiculous amount of cats!
Here we are in front of the wall to the old Palace. This is all that remains - just a wall. Over time the outsides of the city (including the palace) have fallen off and into the valley.
After the 1695 earthquake most of the residence of the city started moving out because they worried their homes (and entire city) would eventually fall into the valley. Within the past decade, all of the remaining property owners moved out, but apparently the younger generations are trying to revitalize the city.

Fun, quick, cheap weekend getaway. No complaints from this girl!

As always...

Wish you were here!

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  1. Great pics! We loved Orvieto too! We missed the bridge though...looks fun!