Saturday, February 23, 2013

Summer Lovin...

Summer = Birthday season at the Keaton's!

This year my good friends here decided to throw me a surprise birthday party. Aw, the love!

We'll skip to the cake:
The candles were animal prints. My friends know me well!

What's Birthday cake without a little on the face?

Tristian agrees.
What would we do without Juan...
Michelle and Stephen were on a European Cruise and it just so happened that the day after my birthday they ported in Naples!

We did a quick day tour of Southern Italy. First stop, Capri!

Getting ready to enter the Blue Grotto.

The opening is really small so we had to get close inside the boat.
In the Beautiful Blue Grotto!
 Next we drove to Positano for lunch.

And that was our fun filled quick day with the Maclaughlin's. It was actually our first time meeting Stephen because they got married while we were in Italy. We can't wait to visit them in Texas!

We found a Chipotle recipe on Pinterest and had to try it out. Success!

I did my buddy T's hair for the Navy Ball. Aw!
 Mud Run!

Ok, so the story behind this is T and I didn't want to get dunked in mud. I know, it's a mud run. That's besides the point. Anyway, previously Juan dunked us both, so now it was his turn...

Worth being dunked again...

Wish you were here!

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