Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 fail... already...


Being the good housewife that I am, it was just another day washing dishes...

I had just finished washing some pans and heavy ceramic dishes and had only one thing left to wash before lunch- a vase.

Well, I guess since I was quite hungry, as I just got home from the gym, I must have been in Beast-mode because I snapped a piece of the vase right off... enter tons of blood...

I immediately covered it, then called James. He quickly came home, and we went to the ER. Here are the results;

Only my thumb dodged the massacre :-/

My pinky and pointer finger just got a small slice so they only got bandaids, but my ring finger got sliced pretty deep, but strait line, all the way to the nail;

So it got 3 stitches...

And then the worst of all... I sliced a nice chunk of my middle finger OFF of my middle finger!!!
This is it was the gauze stuff stuck to it :-/ No pre- bandaging pics, but when the gauze stuff works it was off I'll post pics if I think they're post-able ;-p

James has been a wonderful help and husband and is picking up for my lack! I love him!!!

Well... Hopefully this is the most traumatic event in my 2011!!!


Let the healing begin!
It's 2 weeks and 10 days after the fact, and for the most part I am down to one bandaid! Wahoo!

Here are pics to show my progress :-)

On Monday, 10 days after, James removed my stitches, yay!

So it then looked like this;

And now 16 days later this is what they all look like:


Middle (The only one I always have covered):



It's almost over, and then I'll have 4 sweet scars to brag about... jk... I would have preferred no battle wounds :-/


  1. Yowwww!!! *Blech* Ok...pulling myself together here. Ha.

    You poor thing! Hope you're all healed up soon!

  2. Oh wow. Now normally I like a good gorey wound fest but that middle finger made me cringe a little! Eek!!

  3. Seriously... The whole thing has kind of grossed me out but there's not escaping it for me, hah!

    Thanks Jessica :-)

  4. Oh, my goodness! That's enough to make you hire a good kitchen girl. Ha! It sent shivers all over me. I wish you were near by as I would take good care of our little Heather!

  5. OMW.. That really grossed me out girl!! Are you alright? I'll bet the tip of your finger will be numb for a looooong time!