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To welcome the New Year, we spent the evening with some friends playing games- more specifically Quelf!

Always an interesting night promised with this game!

Then rang in the new years with coffee, wine, and sparking juice (for the Keatons ;-p)

We almost missed it because we were all into our game

(and Kris Kross stopped by... or something to that effect)

I'm so thrilled about this New Year. I haven't made an actual "New Years Resolution" since I was an early teen or younger, I've never really believed in them. I agree that the New Year is time to look back and be thankful for what you had/have, move on from what you've lost, learn from both and adjust accordingly, but I prefer goals... people seem to alway drop off of their resolutions by Easter (or long before)... Maybe it's just word association, regardless... that's enough chatter... let's travel! Def on the goals/"resolution" list... travel, travel, travel! Waste less money on lame stuff and more on seeing the world, EU style ;-)

To start the year off, some of my fabulous German friends and their Dad came for a visit. They were vacationing in Rome and dropped in for a day of full Heather, James, and Neapolitan Pizza. My kind of day!

As soon as they arrived, we met them at the base's gate and headed off to the train station- only to find that we just barely missed a train and the next one would be about an hour wait. So, we collectively decided this was a great opportunity to get some cappuccino's, because what's a day out in the town without one?! After our caffeine fix, we would head to the metro instead of the train... which I would soon learn was a mistake!
As always, the capps were delicious and cute- hearts for the girls and a star for the gentleman, hah!

(No star pic, sorry)

The train disaster in a nutshell- it took us longer and was more complicated to ride the metro than to just wait on the train... Grrr... lesson learned!

But, we still managed to have fun!
(This is me teasing Julia and her fear of planes and trains ;-p)

We immediately made our way to the pizzeria, as by this time it was about 2pm and we were all starving. I had heard that you should get to L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Pizzeria in Eat Pray Love) earlier than the Italian lunch time or it's hectic, but I had not experienced it til now. We had to go to the cashier and get a number, and he told us that the wait was an hour. We were too hungry and there are way to many other pizza options in Naples to stand there for an hour!
So we had ourselves a little photo shoot and headed onward...

Across the street there is a pizzeria called Trianon:

It's L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele's competition. L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele has been there longer, but Trianon has much more seating and many more pizza options.
I thought the taste is pretty equivalent (and you can't really go wrong when ordering pizza in Naples!).

The slowing-fading-away-of-starvation group!

(Yummy-pizza-making Brick oven and pizza maker in the background)

I ordered the pizza caprese, because I love pizza and I love caprese, so why not combine the two? Makes sense to me!

It was a great success and I will definitely order it again!

Because it was a major Italian Holiday (Jan 6 - The Epiphany), pretty much everything was closed, so after lunch we just headed back to our place and I showed them our home, commissary (grocery store), and shopping area on base. After the tour, they headed back to finish out their vacation in Roma.

Arrivederci Kramer family! Can't wait to see you all in Deutschland!!!

The next day (evening actually), I was craving some sushi, which is really random for me considering I really don't care for seafood (and I'm in Italy for 3 years, I know, I know...), but we heard of a Japanese restaurant by the water called Tokyo, so we got a group together and-
Italian Japanese food here we come!

I ordered California rolls

James ordered some chicken and rice deliciousness... and impressively mastered eating with chopsticks...

Other friends we dragged out with us:

They are the ones we can thank for James' new found chopsticks expertise ;-)

And some hungry guy at our table...

(JK, I totally made him do that for the picture, he's really not that oinker-ish ;-p)

The food was SO good. Another food success.
I am really lovin the food in this country!
Good thing life in Italy requires much waking!

Ok, so not too many new sites this time, but... wait for ittt....

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