Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catch up!

I just realized that I'm 3 days short of a month since I last blogged... so I apologize to my faithful readership...

So here is the past month in review:

OUR CAR is still giving us issues! We took it to the shop (for the 3rd time) and it was working great for a few days, and then last night- I made it home from bowling (Bible Study fellowship) just in time for the key light to start blinking letting me know that once I turned it off- it wasn't coming back on... so I went home, parked it, turned it off, tried to crank it on again (just to check)- nothing. So it's currently under construction right now :-/

WE TRIED a new restaurant, Country House, and yes, it is in English. The pizza, as always while in Naples, did not disappoint! When eating out we always start with a salad, that night it was Caprese (fresh mozzarella slices and tomato slices with lemon and olive oil- I think) followed by the pizza. I got pizza Margarita (Naples' original) and James got Diabola- the closed to our pepperoni pizza.

WE FINALLY found some of the hooks that will actually work on our walls so soon we can really start decorating and hanging thing. They only had one package of two hooks left, so we'll have to go back later and get more once they've restocked but at least now we know where they are! We've been searching for about a month!!!

Our LATEST travelling adventures: WE WENT to Ishchia, another island of the Coast, for Labor day! I will fill you in on that later. AND then our one year Anniversary just passed (Sept 12) and we celebrated in Paris! Can you get much more romantic than that??? I loved it! But I will go into this more later as well. One thing that was kinda neat was even though we were sad to leave Paris- we get to go home to Italy... how sweet! And finally James went to Spain for a week to help in the hospital there. He'll have to do that once a quarter and I can go with him but we have to pay for my flight. I didn't go this time because we didn't know what to expect. I missed him dearly! But he did bring me back olives stuffed with artichoke. They are oh so delicious!!! Apparently Spain is known for their olives. You get olives at restaurants like you'd get chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. very cool.

MY LATEST hobby is cooking. No, it's not the local food but hey, I've enjoyed the recipes. I decided grocery shopping would probably be more of a success if I knew what I was going to cook. So I started planning out our weekly meals, goggling new recipes, making a grocery list and going shopping! It's been quite successful. We actually always have something to eat (rather than opening the refrigerator numerous time hoping that some new will magically appear) and I think our money has been going further. I can't say that I love cooking but I love the food I've been making so it's well worth it!

JAMES' LATEST hobby, I guess we'll call it that, is cutting his hair! The first cut was a semi-success. He wasn't afraid to go out of the house, but the send cut- well he kind of had to make a stop at the barber shop- which he wore a hat too! We've both enjoyed this learning process though :-) And of course, football season has commenced and he's in a Fantasy league... Need I elaborate? Sighhh....

I STARTED a 3 day Italian class offered on base! (it's held once a week for 3 weeks) Hopefully soon my Italian can be more functional!

SIDE STORY: One of our friends was going back to the states for training the same week we were going to Paris- everyone was more reactive with her going to the states. We are so travel-spoiled here! I found it was funny that going back to the states is such a big deal, hah! We were all kind of jealous of her. Weird huh?

That's all folks!

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