Tuesday, September 28, 2010

24ish Hours with Chrissy and Ayesha

Chrissy and Ayesha (friends from back home) came to Italy for their annual vacation this year. They are going to be all over the place but they came down to see us, Naples, and Capri for a day... and of course, pizza was on the itinerary too. Can't come to where it all began and not have a taste!!! They got here late last Sunday night (09/26), we picked them up from the train station, said our hellos, figured out our Monday game plan and then headed to bed. On Monday we woke up at about 8:30am, drank Heather-made smoothies for breakfast, got ready and then headed out to Capri via Naples. We took the metro and got off at the closest stop to the port to get to Capri, but this Metro stop is not actually close to the port so we had a fun walk down. If we weren't running behind schedule it would have taken us longer to get to the port, as you have to walk through a market area and down some streets with good shopping! Well, it looked good from the sidewalk anyway! *Sidenote* I SO need a female friend who doesn't work so we can take adventures to these places and shop our hearts out while our husbands work!! So many cute stores! Moving on- the only pit stop with did make was so that I could get a delicious doughnut! It was a sugar doughnut filed with Nutella. Well worth the stop! Here the pastries are warm, fresh, and pretty much melt in your mouth if you get them in the morning... Sorry Krispy Kreme- your donuts will probably no longer do it for me like they once did!
Anyway, the weather was a little cloudy and we had a few raindrops on us but we continued our stroll to the port. Chrissy and Ayesha snapped pics of random things that got their attention and of course, the random castle, Castle Nuovo (I believe). I say random because there is tons of traffic, along with all these restaurants and cafes, etc, and then you have a huge beautiful castle right in the middle. Sweet. Regardless, to me, the castle means we were just around the corner from the port! We bought tickets and were shortly on our way to the wonderful Isle di Capri.
The first thing we did once we got to Capri is get on a boat tour of the Island so they could be sure to see the famous Love Arch... MUAH!

The boat only took us around half of the Island because they said that the other side was too rough and we were lucky to even be able to get a boat tour that day. I did notice there were very few other boats out, so we took their word for it, but that did mean no Blue Grotto. *tear*
After the boat tour we rode the Funicalore (cable car thing) up to the town center.

There we checked out the stores, hunted for the shoe store that some celebrities go to for their custom shoes (i.e. Julia Roberts...), and of course, admired the views and took pictures that could make people jealous!

After Capri, we headed back to our place, they packed up, bought Eiffel Tower tickets in advance for their short visit to Paris the next day, and then we headed out to dinner! We revisited Country House because they had a not-so-good experience with pizza in Rome and we knew Country House wouldn't disappoint! We just couldn't allow them to leave Italy without at least one Napoli-good pizza experience! It wouldn't be right! Then after dinner they were off- back to Rome! It was good to hang out with friends from home, even if just for a day!
Til next time...

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