Monday, October 10, 2011

Two years later...

Well, I was stuck in Spain for our actual Two Year Anniversary, so we didn't get to take a major vacation as hoped for. Instead we took a weekend getaway to Capri to celebrate two whole years happily married!

...Did I say stuck in Spain like it was a bad thing?!? While that's how I felt at the time, please excuse my spoiled-ness...

Back to Capri.
In Italy it's pronounced CAH-pree... not Cuh-PREE like the pants

Capri is an island in the Bay of Naples that is simply gorgeous. Many celebrities come here for little get-a-ways as well.
So as you can imagine, it's also pricey. Minor detail.

We stayed one night in Anacapri. The first evening, our wonderful bed and breakfast (Da Carlo a Veterino - 08-837-2505) owner, Carlo, gave us several suggestions. The one we took him up on was to swim into the Blue Grotto (see my original CAPRI blog).

During the day it's run by a company who puts you on a boat and takes you into the cave. Once the sun starts setting, the grotto isn't as well lit, so they stop running for the day. That's when the locals swim in for their free Blue Grotto experience. As much as we wanted to do this, we got bored of waiting for the company to leave, so we took a swim at another local's spot and enjoyed a few moments of the super salty and clear water.
And that's when we learned that James and I are kind of chickens when it comes to the open water. We were a little freaked out by what we couldn't see. While the water is clear, you can't tell just how far the rocks are on the bottom... and it's not like looking through a glass.

Afterwards we headed back to our B&B to freshen up and continue on with our adventure. We had dinner and dessert at a cute pizzeria in the downtown area...

Then walked around taking in the city- and eventually headed back to our room.
Gorgeous sunset and view at our B&B!

The second day, we took the chair lift to the very top of the island.

We didn't know this until we got to the top, but the only thing to do up there is see the view (and get a caffe of course).

...and it was cloudy at the very top that morning.

So after about 10 minutes, back down we went.

James getting ready to hop off...

The first time we went to Capri we saw these boats that you could rent. I picked up a pamphlet that time just to have as FYI in case we ever wanted to rent one. This time we wanted to. After lunch, we rented a "CapriBoat" (081-837-5188, 80E/2 hours).

It was just the two of us on the open waters!

It was a blast and we can't wait to do it again!

Ciao Capri!

In honor of our anniversary...
While I was in the states, my uncle gave me some wedding pictures that he took and we never saw... this one makes me laugh:
Why does it looks like Tony's boys and a bodyguard?
Who's wedding was it?

I just love this one of the Keaton guys:


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