Monday, June 20, 2011

MAYbe it's time it's time to visit home!

As my cousin Lauren was wrapping up her time in Rome, her mom and sister came out to visit her. So naturally, I had to join the party too! Coincidentally (and conveniently) James and I were already planning to be in Rome on a field trip for an Art History class he was taking.

The field trip was really interesting and I'm glad we had the opportunity to go together. We went to several churches and museums, including one which was inside of the French Embassy!

Our favorite piece was probably the ceiling of Sant Ignazio di Loyola by the Pantheon. It's quite amazing in person, but hopefully this gives you a taste;
Painted by Andrea Pozzo in 1685.
The ceiling is actually flat right above the windows, but it is painted to look as though it's leading into the heavens. Awe inspiring.

If you can even read it... I promise, it's there, in the center...

Another neat thing in that church is the dome. Or lack thereof.
The story is that they wanted a dome in the church, but ran out of money, so the painter made it appear as if there were one.

I took it from this angle, because when you're right under it you can really tell it's just an illusion. Shhh...

After the long day of roaming (hee.hee.), art and, well, more art, we headed over to meet my family! Yay!

On our way, we came across the Spanish Steps and finally got to see them with flowers!
Though I'm still not sure of their significance, but we have two more years to figure that one out!

Infine, la mia famiglia!

We caught up over some gelato and then all went our separates ways. It was just a short and sweet visit, and I'm glad we found time to be with them for bit on their fully loaded vacation!

It's because of days like this that our time here has flown! It was a year ago this month that us two little newlyweds, full of anticipation, hopped on a plane bound for the unfamiliar city to create a new life together... or better yet, a extended honeymoon!

On June 15th 2010, we left the homeland to fulfill our Navy orders to Italy. So, with a year under our belt we were due for a visit home! I had been back home in October to be with my sister for her childbirth, but this would be James first visit back in a year- (well, it was about 11 months at the time).

Since we would have to adjust to the six hour time difference and had three states to hit (well four if you count crossing the state line into VA to see my sister, hah!), we decided to spend three weeks stateside- pretty much all of May we were in the homeland!

Homeland Highlights:

Two Weddings

Some family

Them Keaton boys just being boys!

BFF day in Annapolis!

(And meeting lil Forbes!)

Annual Memorial Day Picnic- boating with my faves!

That was our visit home in a nutshell!
There is a good chance you see most of that more than us at this point, but we love our friends and family so I couldn't skip that part of our May!

Now back to our reality... Viva Italia!


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  1. Sweet photos! That dome(ish) ceiling is really awesome! I'll take your word on the "America" issue. I need I'm glad you got to spend some time at home with some of your favorite people on earth, and of course your sweet family. You are one blessed girl!