Sunday, April 3, 2011

More snow, more sun!

Since I apparently couldn't get enough of the pain, we went back for more...

However, this time there was so much snow!

When we fell it was like falling on pillows, so we were much more fearless! We could tell our skills improved, and my boots fit way better this time; I had a few good wipeouts, but it was a blast!

The memorable event from that day was when our friend who is a seasoned snowboarder took us up to a "great run" and then left us, as he was much faster and better than the rest of us. Due to the constantly falling snow, the visibility was incredibly minimal, so those of us that were in the same group (six of us) decided that it would be best to stick together!
We were sitting for a few minutes coming up with a game plan when another American couple showed up just as lost as we were (go figure). After a few minutes of walking around the immediate area, the lady that just joined us started freaking out on the phone with the mountain police. Just as she was getting off the phone, the snow let up just enough for us to see the next marker off in the distance- the lady refused to leave because the polizia told her not to move. We stuck around long enough to hear her tell the polizia on the phone that she "told the teenagers to stay put but they don't want to..." Arrivederci dramatic lady!

... We later heard that the polizia found her and her husband and brought them back to the bottom on their snow mobile. While I would have totally been down for my first snow mobile ride ever- our way sounded way more adventurous in the moment! Funny thing is, about 15 seconds after we left them the visibility was almost perfect and 15 seconds after that we were at the bottom.

Next stop, SWISS ALPS!

In other news, I'm thrilled about our friends Rachel and Matt having a baby. we've only known her while pregnant, so it'll be fun to meet the little one we've been in anticipation of since day one! They are not finding out what gender the baby is, and before I was totally convinced I had to know when it was my turn- but seeing them go through it actually makes it seem more fun!
All that to mention this (you military folks may appreciate this a little more); the chapel that we attend on Sunday's held a baby shower for them one day after service. And on that day, the CO (Commanding Officer... head of the whole base) and his family attended. Rachel and Matt aren't buddies with them, I think they met once, however, the CO and family happily attended. They gave them gave them a gift and card, helped with the clean up and the wife even spoke her well wishes before the cake cutting... Though very nice of them, tell me that's not random and awkward! It was quite entertaining and I had to capture some of the moment...

Next on the calendar, my cousin Rosalia came to visit her sister Lauren, who is the one studying abroad in Rome, so we went up to Rome for a day to hang out with them. We met up at the Victor Emmanuel memorial, as we wanted to go inside, but we couldn't figure it out so after about 10 minutes we just browsed around he church next door, gave up on V.E. and moved on.
As we walked on, we passed the lovely Fontana di Trevi...

Overlooked the Piazza del Popolo...

And took what seemed like an endless walk around Villa Borghese, until finally arriving at our destination:

This Museum, Museo Borghese, houses many paintings- of which my favorites were Bernini's! His paintings look like there's a spotlight on the main attraction point. It was really cool. I'd never heard of him- which is probably crazy because from what I understand, he's up there among the greatest Italian Artist. Whoops. I don't have any pics, but I'm sure you can google them!

After that we headed to good ol' Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, which you can find by the American Embassy (how convenient), and said our goodbyes! It was such a fun day, I LOVE my cousins! Their mom and another sister are coming for a visit next month, yay!

Oh, and Rachel and Matt had their baby BOY this month :-) He's quite the cutie little pumpkin and we call him Chip!

Lots going on this month and next! I love it!

Ciao Bella!

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  1. I simply LOVE reading your blog. It's my lil' slice of sanity. Haha! I'm so glad you have this amazing opportunity! =) If I knew something really "cutesy" to say in Italian right now, I'd SO do it! Haha! Love ya girl! Enjoy your weekend! *HUGS*